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Storz Gate Valve

Storz hose couplings are comprised of interlocking hooks and flanges, and are sometimes referred to as sexless couplings because rather than having male and female ends that connect by screw threads, Storz connectors have identical ends that can be joined to any other end of the same size.

This is a high quality gate valve for hydrant or pumper use. Light weight and compact, it incorporates an air bleed-off into the non-rising stem design.

SKU SizePrice
H800-40-40NH 4" Storz x 4" NH$1,055.60
H800-40-45NH 4" Storz x 4-1/2" NH$1,055.60
H800-40-50NH 4" Storz x 5" NH$1,066.00
H800-40-60NH 4" Storz x 6" NH$1,118.90
H800-50-40NH 5" Storz x 4" NH$1,118.90
H800-50-45NH 5" Storz x 4-1/2" NH$1,118.90
H800-50-50NH 5" Storz x 5" NH$1,118.90
H800-50-60NH 5" Storz x 6" NH$1,171.70
H800-60-60NH 6" Storz x 6" NH$1,298.35
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