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Fire Extinguishers - Multipurpose Dry Chemical

Multipurpose Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishers are effective against Class A fires by melting at 350oF to coat the surface to which it is applied, Class B fires by smothering and breaking the chain reaction, and does not conduct electricity when applied to Class C fires.
SKU Size / BracketPrice
EXT/B417 2.5lbs / Wall$56.45
EXT/B417T 2.5lbs / Vehicle$56.45
EXT/B500 5lbs / Wall$72.25
EXT/B500T 5lbs / Vehicle$72.25
EXT/B443 6lbs / Wall$95.60
EXT/B456 10lbs / Wall$117.00
EXT/B411 20lbs / Wall$207.70
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