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First-Rate Firefighting Equipment from the Pros

Replace worn-out fire hoses and hose reels with new ones from American Fire Protection Co., Inc. in Poulsbo, Washington.  We have more than 45 years of industry experience, so you know we only offer high-performance equipment that ensure the safety of our customers, including:

Homeowners | Property Managers | Contractors | Water Service Companies | Businesses in the Marine Industry

Industrial-Grade Fire Hoses

You don't have to worry about the quality of our fire protection supplies because these are all certified by NSF™. If you need a hose for drinking water transfer or emergency preparedness, feel free to call us right away. We carry products from North American Fire Hose and Mandals™ Aquaman.  Our fire hoses are available in 1-5" (girth) x 75-100' (length) sizes. On the other hand, our potable hoses come in 1-12" (girth) x 660' (length) measurements.

Reels, Monitors, and Nozzles Just for You

When you need the best quality reels, monitors, and nozzles, trust none other than American Fire Protection Co., Inc. We offer deck monitors that are used in fire trucks, boats, and fuel depots to shoot water at long distances. If you want to keep your hoses stored neatly and safely, our reels are what you've been looking for. In addition, we also have nozzles that make it easy for you to control the rate of flow, speed, and direction of water.

Fire Department Hose Connections and Accessories

Keep debris out of the inlet with plug screws from our company. In addition to firefighting accessories, we also offer 4" and 6" connections which come in two, three, four, or six-way models. If you need pump test connections, we will be more than happy to assist you. This is needed to meet fire codes and safety standards, so be sure to get your water pumps tested. Our products come from trusted partners namely, Elkhart™, Dixon Valve & Coupling™, and Potter Roemer Fire Pro™. Feel free to choose from our available equipment:

Inlet and Outlet Freestanding Connections | Threaded Plugs | ID Plates | Polished Brass | Chrome Connections