The Storz Connection - Still the Best Option

When connecting large diameter fire hoses, time is of the essence. In fact, it's possible to run into a host of problems when trying to use threaded connections. The best way to solve issues like these is with a Storz connection. Here is a brief history of this marvelous invention and some important benefits to consider.... Read more.


What Kind of Sprinkler System Do You Own?

When you need fire protection valves for your sprinkler systems, you can depend on American Fire Protection to provide you with the highest quality name brand valves and connections in the business. In fact, we supply valves and connections for most systems, but it's important to know what kind of system you own, so that you can give it the best maintenance and care (and install the best systems for new facilities). Here is a look at the four most common types of fire sprinkler systems.... Read more.


Finding the Right Fire Protection Equipment Supplier

When you need fire protection equipment for your business, you want the best products and materials. After all, you can't afford to have cheap equipment that could let you down in times of an emergency. Partnering with the best fire protection equipment supplier is very important, and that's the reason many businesses turn to American Fire Protection Co., Inc. when they need dependable and affordable service and supplies. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right supplier for your business.... Read more.


Does Your Fire Protection Need Updating?

In 2013, 148 people died from workplace fires in the United States (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics). Each year, thousands of people receive injuries from an estimated 80,000 business fires. You never know when a fire can happen and it's important to have an effective fire plan to protect your property and workers. You can have the best fire protection equipment including high-quality hoses, reels, and extinguishers, but you need more. Here is helpful information on forming a good fire plan for your company.... Read more.