What Kind of Sprinkler System Do You Own?

When you need fire protection valves for your sprinkler systems, you can depend on American Fire Protection to provide you with the highest quality name brand valves and connections in the business. In fact, we supply valves and connections for most systems, but it's important to know what kind of system you own, so that you can give it the best maintenance and care (and install the best systems for new facilities). Here is a look at the four most common types of fire sprinkler systems.


Do you need to protect an unheated warehouse or space where the temperature may get below freezing? Dry systems do not have water in the pipes until the fire protection valves are opened, and the system is activated. The air in the piping system is pressurized, so it provides a 60 second or so delay factor.


A wet system always has water in the pipes. This provides an advantage over dry systems because you receive instant protection as soon as the system activates. Wet systems are common in structures with many floors. They need special fire protection valves to limit pressure on the lower floors, because they require high-pressure water to get to the top floors.


A deluge system has sprinklers open all the time, so the piping is normally dry. Once the system is activated automatically or manually, a deluge valve lets water into the entire system. Deluge systems are common for large areas prone to fast-spreading fires.


A hybrid or pre-action system needs two separate alarms to activate the system. This limits false alarms that could ruin expensive or sensitive materials and equipment.

A well-maintained sprinkler system can prevent major fire damage and when you need the best fire protection valves and other supplies, call American Fire Protection at 1-360-930-8476 for affordable prices and fast deliveries.